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Located 1 hours drive from:

  • New Orleans, LA
  • Hattiesburg, MS
  • Gulfport, MS

Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs
Carriere, MS 39426

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Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs is in no way associated with, affiliated with or does business with Circle W Cattle Dogs, operated and owned by Susan and Randell White of Mize, MS.
In the past there was a friendship between us, until that was dissolved in Feb of 2011 when I found out about some unethical breeding practices on their part and reported them to AKC.
If you are looking for Circle W Cattle Dogs, they are easily found on the Internet. Please do not call me if you are having problems with your dog or getting correct paperwork. Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs has nothing to do with Circle W Cattle Dogs.

Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs and Circle W Cattle Dogs are NOT the same despite some rumors being circulated. If we find the person or persons responsible for these rumors we will seek legal action. We simply live in the same state and have Cattle Dogs. Does that make every breeder in CA or TX or any state for that matter, the same person?


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