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Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs is dedicated to producing and promoting the working Cattle Dog. We believe that maintaining the herding instinct in our breed is to be of the utmost importance, so it may do the job it was intended to do, while still breeding for structure, soundness, temperament, health, and athletic ability.
Your Bleu Moon Puppy will have the structure to do the job, the intelligence to understand what you want, the desire to follow your directions, the temperament to handle training, and the drive to keep going without quitting in spite of obstacles. We take enormous pride in raising quality puppies who are healthy, happy & sure to be the most loving companion and best friend you ever had. Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs is dedicated to the passion of breeding for companion-ship,  herding, conformation showing, and agility competition.

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PLEASE do your homework when considering this breed!! Ask lots of questions. Any good breeder will ask you lots of questions, simply because they want to make sure that the puppies they place are in the right homes and that you completely understand the breed.

The Australian Cattle Dog is not for everyone. Owning an ACD is a big commitment. These dogs are very active both physically and mentally. If you leave an ACD to their own devices they will surely find something to occupy their time with and chances are you will not be happy with what they choice.. ACD's were bred to "work" so they need to be given a job to do. So be prepared to have time to work them or play with them. Whether it is herding, agility or chasing Frisbees and balls, going for a daily run or swim in the pond, keep them busy!!. These dogs don't always get along with each other or other breeds and they do have a tendency for same sex aggression.

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